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Tagged by :iconprimesui:

1. You have to post ALL the Rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves.
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 13 people.
5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags.
7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED.
8. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking ABOUT the entry.
9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator tells you.
Riv: This rule is a bit too much so you can ignore it...
10. Be creative with the title. No " I got tagged" stuff.

Facts about me:
1. I'm an excellent cook
2. I own a lot of stuffed animals
3. I have a pet ball python
4. I'm an actor with an indie film group
5. I'm a Level 25 Pokemon Trainer in Team Valor
6. I own many swords and other bladed weapons
7. I've been in several relationships with plus-sized girls, so I've literally dated a TON of women
8. My singing voice is bass
9. My favorite transformer is Soundwave
10. My favorite soda is Dr. Pepper Vanilla Float followed by Mountain Dew: Game Fuel
11. I still own a Virtual Boy
12. I used to play TF2 a lot and was a Pyro Collector
13. I have a second DA account where I started the Gaston Reads meme :iconlivingshadowdarkmark:

Questions by Primesui:

1. If you could choose a superpower, which one would you choose?
Telepotence, the ability to grant yourself a power using your mind, limited only by your imagination

2. Choose your weapon...The Plunger Cane or The Duck Stick?
Plunger Cane, like a toilet brush, nobody wants to be struck by something that's been in a filthy location.

3. Favorite food?
Hibachi Lobster

4. Do you enjoy Alcohol?
It has to be mixed and very subtle in the taste, otherwise it tastes awful by itself

5. How do you react into bizarre stuff?
Meh, par per course in my book

6. What do you do when bored?
Hunt Pokemon

7. Do you have boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife?
Single and looking for a plus-sized asian girl with similar interests

8. Which animal you've imitaded most in your life?
Slug, mostly in the mornings

I can't let you do that, Star Fox!

10. Cartoons or Animes?
Anime, hands down

11: What is Homestuck?
A BBW trying to escape from inside a doll house.

12: What is the heaviest game you have in your PC?
Motto Debutopia

13: How much days the year have in an hour?
1/24th of a day in an hour

I will be tagging:

The questions for them:
1. Favorite Video Game or Video Game Series
2. What is your ideal D&D Alignment
3. If no consequences were to follow, what would you shout from a megaphone at others
4. Your choice of Fictional Waifu/Husbando
5. If you were a character, what would be your default costume/attire
6. Favorite flavor mixed with a pre-existing drink (Cherry, Lemon, Vanilla, etc.)
7. If you had a personal army, what would it consist of?
8. Most used phone app
9. Oldest Video Game System currently owned
10. Favorite artwork by someone else
11. What invention should be made in the near future
12. Preferred Weather/Temperature
13. Favorite Pokemon


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